Gantt Charts and Network Analysis

Network Analysis and also Gantt Charts are 2 extremely important instruments of project management used throughout the planning stage of a project. It illustrates activities towards fixed time frames and assists in managing the sequence of routines in a project.

Project Planning Equipment

Developing a SWOT Matrix

What exactly is SWOT analysis? Just how is a SWOT matrix created? What makes SWOT analysis successful? How to get the suitable details to be fed into the SWOT matrix? … To discover the solutions just go through this short article.

Why Does Project Management Don't Succeed?

project management fail

I often run into companies who ask the simple question, "Why can't we get our act together? Why does Project Management routinely fail in our company? " I do not believe a company's overall problems in Project Management can be attributed to a specific tool or technique (although some certainly do not help matters). Instead, I believe it is based on how important a company considers Project Management to be. If they believe it to be a vital part of the company's overall performance, it will be more successful than a company who considers it irrelevant. In other words, I view Project Management as integral part of the corporate culture.

Project Management Recommendations

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As both an active project manager and a project management trainer, people often ask me what are the fundamental aspects to successful project management. Whilst there have been many great books written on the subject, I always summarise what I believe to be the best practices at the heart of good project management.

Writing a Scope Statement: Part 2

Prerequisites, Deliverables and Non-Goals

The subsequent section inside the scope statement should list the prerequisites of the project. The prerequisites are targets that needs to be met throughout the project, and frequently they include major milestones or targets. The goals must be quantifiable and recognized clearly. Any milestones or objectives have to be also clearly recognized, along with any non-goals. Non-goals are items which are specifically not likely to be addressed through the project, which really helps to get rid of the scope creep. By clearly identifying these as non-goals, the scope cannot contain them afterwards without undergoing a change management process. Ultimately, many project managers track their milestones, targets, and/or deliverables by using a Work Breakdown Structure.

Writing a Scope Statement: Part 1

This informative article illuminates the need of effective scope statement and how you can write one which might help guide a project to successful achievement. The different chapters of a scope statement are discussed, in addition to suggestions on how to reduce scope creep.

Introduction - Where to Start

A scope statement is among the most important pieces of a project, and writing one can be a struggle for a project manager – regardless of what sort of project management method is being utilized. But, an effectively written scope statement will help all of those other project flow along with minimal problems. Lets have a look at how to write a good scope statement, its essential elements, and the pitfalls to avoid during its creation.