Common Phases in Project Planning

Project planning
Whether the system is an organization, department, business, project, etc., the fundamental planning process typically includes similar nature of activities performed in similar sequence. The phases are carried out carefully or -- in some instances -- intuitively, for instance, when preparing a very small, straightforward effort. The complexity of the various phases (in addition to their duplication through the entire system) rely on the scope of the system. For instance, inside a large corporation, the next phases will be completed within the corporate offices, in each division, in each department, in each group, etc.

Five Steps to Start a Project

Project management
The project initiation phase will be the critical phase inside project life-cycle. Additionally it is known as the project pre-planning phase contributing to stating the essential characteristics of the project. To successfully initiate a project, you have to which basics steps must carry out to build up a small business case, to experience a feasibility study, create a project charter yet others.

Basic Terms in Project Planning

Project Planning Terms
Planning typically includes technique following basic terms.

NOTE: It's not essential to grasp completely accurate definitions of each from the following terms. It's more valuable for planners to experience a basic sense for your distinction between goals/objectives (results) and strategies/tasks (solutions to attain the results).

How to be Known as a Productive Project Manager

Productive Project Manager
Perception is said to be more vital than reality. I’ve always bristled at this cliché. As much as we wish to believe that our work product should really be judged on it’s advantages, the truth is that perception influences reality. How others see you turns into a major determining factor of your effectiveness as a project manager.

The Formula of Project Management

The Formula of Project Management
The two practices, Project Management & Product Development, are joined together at the hip. Depending how a firm is structured will depend on the flow of fresh ideas, innovation, market research, as well as the managing of the invention process. Some enterprises will just throw their Project Managers to the wolves and let them fend for their own reasons. In this way I was introduced to Project Management. It had been this feel of being thrown to the wolves that led me to develop a technique that worked for every individual in the development process.

Communication Diagram in Project Management

Communication Diagram
An effective communication diagram begins and ends with the project manager. The ultimate goal is to tell each one involved and communicate how each individual was contacted by the project manager.

Communication Diagram - Who Messed Up?

In one of Andy Griffith's funniest classic TV series, Barney the deputy joins the choir but couldn't sing. Among the scenes shows the choir sneaking in a rehearsal in an unannounced location without the tone-deaf deputy, to just have him appear. Very first thing he wants to know is--who messed up and forgot to phone him about the new spot? Even though this was a case of wittingly failing to communicate, in a project that goes sour because of a deficiency in communication, first thing every higher up will require the answer to is--who ruined?

Organizational Structures In Project Management

Organizational Structures In Project Management
One aspect of project management which used to receive quite a bit of interest in the 50s and 60s was the project organizational structures. A myriad of new organizational structures have appeared on the scene within the last couple of decades however they still lack a lot of the desirable qualities in the classic methods. Ultimately, project management directors seek organizational methods that facilitate teamwork, can maximize the utilization of limited resources, efficiency and quality in the way a project is done and how objectives are achieved. This article will analyse the three main traditional organizational structures for project management. These three structures are functional organization, project organization and also matrix organization.