Basic Terms in Project Planning

Project Planning Terms
Planning typically includes technique following basic terms.

NOTE: It's not essential to grasp completely accurate definitions of each from the following terms. It's more valuable for planners to experience a basic sense for your distinction between goals/objectives (results) and strategies/tasks (solutions to attain the results).


Goals are specific accomplishments that must definitely be accomplished as a whole, or in some combination, in order to achieve some larger, overall result preferred in the system, for instance, the mission of the organization. (Rediscovering the reassurance of our reference to systems, goals are outputs from the system.)

Strategies or Activities

Necessities such as methods or processes needed in total, or in some combination, to offer the goals. (Going back to our mention of the systems, strategies are processes within the system.)


Objectives are specific accomplishments that must be accomplished altogether, or in some combination, to achieve the goals inside the plan. Objectives are often "milestones" on the way when implementing the strategies.


Specially in small organizations, individuals are assigned various tasks necessary to implement the master plan. If the scope of the plan is tiny, tasks and activities in many cases are fundamentally the same.

Resources (and Budgets)

Resources include the people, materials, technologies, money, etc., required to implement the strategies or processes. The costs of those resources are often depicted by means of a low cost. (Returning to our reference to systems, resources are input to the system.)